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Quality Firearms of the Old West and Today   

Phone: (419)-310-3166



Wyandot Traditions offers quality new and used firearms from most famous makers like Colt, Winchester, Sprinfield Armory, Remington, Smith & Wesson, H & K, Glock and more.






We have access to just about any make or model of new firearm (Not just Old West Reproductions).



Just email us at wyandottraditions@att.net  or submit a request on our Quote page or , and we will respond with prices and availability promptly.




Low overhead and low inventory carrying costs allow Wyandot Traditions to bring you the firearms you want at the absolute lowest prices possible (significantly below MSRP).




We can assist you with all of your firearms needs. Give us a call at (419)-310-3166 or email us at wyandottraditions@att.net










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Quality Firearms of the Old West and Today