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Quality Firearms of the Old West and Today   

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1873 (Classic) Single Action Revolvers

4 3/4" Barrel                                                                                       5 1/2" Barrel

7 1/2" Barrel

1873 (Birdshead) Single Action Revolvers                       1894 (Bisley) Single Action Revolvers





Rifles & Carbines

1860 (Henry) Rifles                           


1866 (Yellowboy) Sporting Rifles and Carbines                           


1873 (Classic) Short Rifles and Carbines                           


1873 (Classic) Sporting Rifles                           


1873 (Classic) Long Range Rifles                           


The 1892 Series Rifles & Carbines are manufactured by Rossi Firearms of São Leopoldo, Brazil.

1892 (Classic) Carbines   - (by Rossi Firearms)                        


1892 (Classic) Short Rifles  - (by Rossi Firearms)          




1892 (Classic) Sporting Rifles  - (by Rossi Firearms)          


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Quality Firearms of the Old West and Today